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What Is an Example of Longitudinal Study?

Longitudinal study is an extensive form of research and are often opt out for. when people are prepared to dedicate a part of their life to find conclusions and researches for particular information and knowledge. Longitudinal studies are conducted over a major amount of time. it is mostly conducted in medical field and other relevant fields like physiology and psychology.

If you want to collect data that is qualitative or quantitative or both then longitudinal studies are best for that. But considering how much of a life span it could require anyone can genuinely go from their childhood to adulthood finding sources for their longitudinal studies.

In addition to longitudinal studies a creator who is creating surveys do not interfere survey participants. As we have spoken about. Which field majorly works with longitudinal study. Which is medical, researchers note down collect data for same subjects over a great period of time. that can be of many years in process of doing so.

There are different types of longitudinal studies:

  • Panel study
  • Cohort study
  • Retrospective study

Panel study

A people sample from a more significant population conducted at particular intervals is called panel study.

Cohort study

Cohort study is about sampling a cohort in given period of time group of people who experience the same.

Retrospective study

Use of already existing data which is conducted during previously conducted data

An Example Of Longitudinal Study

The most famous example of a longitudinal study is the Framingham study, often considered the most essential study in the history of medical research. This type of study involved 5,209 subject matter specialists and their ages ranged from 30 to 62, who embarked on a 20-year journey to scrutinize lifestyle choices and the impacts along with acknowledging how much effective psychosocial elements were on cardiovascular health. Effective essay planning was very important for defining this method of research.

Furthermore, the Reflective models like Rolfe’s and Gibbs’ Reflective Cycle made it easier to study and analyzing the changes that were being made over the study period. The structure of this study comes in alignment with effective dissertation planning. To comprehend the concept of independent and dependent variables was highly essential to get an insight of in order to learn about this journey better.

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