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Sentence Starter Tips To Enhance Your Writing!

Sentence Starter Tips To Enhance Your Writing!

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Sentence Starters:

Do you recognize that moment when you are in kitchen trying to cook or bake something really delicious so you add in different flavors of ingredients to form one dish of many different flavors same as that when you are in academic you are given multiple essay, dissertation, assignments and coursework to write and students try their best to come up with the best academic piece of writing for these formats but often times they are left clueless what else could they add in more in their writing this is when sentence starters come in handful because in addition to giving off each paragraph or paper writing a good inception point they also make students paper more organized in a way their ideas are conveyed elaborately they also help to convey the arguments more eloquently.

If you do not know, how can you use sentence starters then this blog is for you.

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What Is a Sentence Starter?

Sentence-starters also known as sentence openers are the phrases or words used at the very beginning of the sentence, these are proven to be very important in writing because sentence starters help a lot with readability or speech whether you want to propose an idea, in between thoughts want to transition or highlight a certain point good sentence starters will always help you a lot with maintaining the flow of conversation or writing like, dissertation sentence starters are one good idea to write an immaculate material.

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How Sentences with Openers Help You:

  • Creative Writing Sentence Starters

If you have been given an academic task to write an extensive project then sentence starters for creative writing is one way to write something really impressive in addition to this while writing a long project that consumes a lot of time you must know that each sentence often has its own topics the more lengthy projects skip from one point to the other and could really flummox a student into great speculation of how they can write something really unique therefore it is always best to use sentence starters for descriptive writing.

  • Paragraph Starters

Paragraphs are also one exceptional example of using these because they serve the same purpose as one in the descriptive writing because technically paragraphs do a lot of transition from one topic to the other in between these high and low jumps from one bridge to the other paragraph starters could really help with filling up the gaps made in between.

  • Right Use of Words in a Sentence

Utilizing sentences with openers in fiction is very common and you can find good amount of use of them in novels and fictional story tales but in practical non-fiction academic writing to be more specific in essays they give writer a legit sense of right words to use in essay, sentence starters for essays are very beneficial for students if they want to write an excellent essay.

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How To Use Sentence Starters?

Whether you are writing an article, blog, assignment, dissertation, essay or engaged in a conversation with someone commencement of topic is always difficult part specially if you are a non-native English speaker because English is not your first language and you could really be confused how can you incept a conversation

It does not necessarily always have to be non-native speakers facing dilemmas with commencing a conversation but often times native speakers also stuck in their speeches and could not find right words in a sentence to use because the question they have wandering in mind is either “what do I say now?” or “What else can I write to break the transition between these paragraphs in essay?”

But this no longer be one of your concerns because we are here to sort you all out.

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When Can You Use Sentence Openers?

Sentence starters could be used at the very beginning of the paragraph, in the middle of it or at the end of it in general anywhere because they add in more uniqueness to your piece of writing but only if they are used correctly and having precise knowledge in regards of them really gets the job done.

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Image showing examples of sentence starters for improving writing.
Words To Help You Commence Writing or Speech: Openers could be used in either the form of words or phrases if you have been looking for good sentence starters then we have couple of best mentioned below because there is a great variety of them by making a use out of them you would not have to worry about your speech or text being banal, we have the starters mentioned below in different categories.
For starting a sentance
  • Once long ago…”
  • “I don’t know but …”
  • “Because…”
  • “To be more specific…”
  • “But what if…”
  • “In general…”
  • “However…”
  • “Whether…”
  • “Let me begib with…”
  • “Lets start by…”
  • “Do you know…”
  • “Do you wonder…”

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Sentence Starters for Introduction:

If you want to intrigue a conversation or write strong opening for your project then launch it off with an opening of a sentences which shines light to the topic and make the reader curious by implementing an uncanny situation in the text or ask them a question to leave them hunting for answer Here are a couple of openers which you can use introduction of your article:
  • Many years ago…”
  • “The one thing which…”
  • “Have you ever thought…?”
  • “My research inclines to…”
  • “I want to shine light…”
  • “My new pair of shoes…”
  • “I wish sometimes…”
  • “What if tomorrow is…”
  • “I would like to add…”

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Openers To Accentuate:

Emphasizing the point of your writing with a dramatic opening will grab the readers or listeners most of the attention in fact it is the right way to do so because it helps with engagement in the topic. Few examples of this are:
  • “All listen carefully…”
  • “This is very important…”
  • “This is the most vital part…”
  • “This is the spicy part…”
  • “Attention to this part…”
  • “I request interest here…”
  • “Attention here please…”
  • “Let me tell you…”
  • “To make it clear…”

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Paragraph Starters:

Just like starters in general paragraph starters are used to start off a paragraph which are basically used in essays this type of openers in paragraph help you to transition like butter in essay they interlink the last sentence and the new commencing sentence well together.
  • “Well…”
  • “In addition to this…”
  • “Furthermore…”
  • “Because…”
  • “Evidently enough…”
  • “But the truth is…”
  • “As we all are aware of…”
  • “It is decided then…”
  • “No doubt…”
  • “Some may raise…”

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Story Openers:

These starters are used in story telling or when you are writing an essay that focuses more on narrative story telling rather than non-fictional practical approach these can be used at any part of the narration the start, the mid and by the end but to be more specific they are in a leaden manner used to give readers the time a specific event took place.
  • “Many years ago…”
  • “By the flick of hand…”
  • “This happened when…”
  • “It happened when …”
  • “Ages ago…”
  • “once upon a time…”
  • “Once there was…”
  • “Let me tell you a story …”
  • “After that…”
  • “Some may raise…”
  • “It is decided then…”

Closing Starters:

These are used by the time of winding up the story project article essay or anything in general they give readers a sense of story reaching its end but these starters can not be used at any point of the writing but instead have to specifically be used at the end.
  • “lastly…”
  • “which resulted in…”
  • “And then…”
  • “At the end of the day…”
  • “In the end…”
  • “Years latter…”
  • “Now that we know…”
  • “All that ever was…”
  • “What we learnt form…”

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Contrast Starters:

These are the most interesting starters type these are used when you compare two different things to each other or more than 2 does not have to be limited they are also referred as comparison sentence starters.
  • “Same as…”
  • “Opposite to…”
  • “Similarly…”
  • “In juxtaposition to…”
  • “Equally…”
  • “Both are same…”
  • “Contrarily…”
  • “Adds more to this…”
  • “On the other side of roads…”

Explanation Openers:

These type of sentence starters are used to give explanation to formal or facts consisted texts they can also be used sporadically to give interpretation of procedures that have many steps included they make step procedures more coherent.
  • “What happens next is…”
  • “Leading it to…”
  • “This vindicates that…”
  • “This means…”
  • “Because of…”
  • “This proves that…”
  • “The meaning of…”
  • “It leans towards to…”
  • “The meaning of…”
  • “Another reason is…”
  • “The fact is…”
  • “Minus 1 keep the ratio of 9 …”
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A good sentence starter is the one that sets the tone of your essay or paragraph and is deductible by the reader if the paragraph is about explaining the concept then starters should be explanatory.

Yes, sentence starters are meant to improve overall quality of the material you can use these in any writing formats as you wish.

Sentence starters help with students writing ability they help to maintain the flow of the project it helps students with writing an exception piece of work even for more complex topics.

Sentence starters is a common name this concept of formal writing format is known by but other than this “sentence openers” is very common among students which they recall this concept with.

Yes, absolutely! Does not matter whether if you are doing formal or informal writing incepting you sentence with “also” could be used as a sentence starter but please be sure of the fact that you last sentence aligns with your next one.

Starting of a sentence with “and” “for” “don’t” “but” and other several ones is not a bad choice and everything is fine with using conjunctions as sentence starters most of the people mistake this for an error but it’s not.