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PEEL Paragraph | What Does it Stands For | How is it Useful?

PEEL Paragraph | What Does it Stands For | How is it Useful?

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Student’s life is a no joke because a lot happens in their everyday life and often times they are given dissertations, assignments and essays to write and there is no point in handing over an essay or any project that is not well-structured and organized. When it comes to essay writing and other academic writings English is always the first subject that comes in mind but there are also other subjects where structure matters a lot for writing in order to obtain optimum grades.But this is the common problem faced by many students because often times a student mind goes complete blank when they don’t understand the right structure to follow which can lead them to a well written project so how can students overcome this problem?The answer to that is “Peel Paragraphs” if you have not heard of this term before then let us educate you about this.

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What Is a “Peel Paragraph?

If by reading the name “Peel Paragraph you are hunching if it has anything to do with fruit peels then you are absolutely wrong because “PEEL” is actually an acronym which stands for (POINT, EVIDENCE, EXPLAINATION, LINK) writing an essay or any academic project requires a lot of creativity in order to structure an on fleek material, you don’t just pick up a particular topic and dive in with no gear.Most of the times it happens when a student does not write for quiet a period of time, he or she forgets about the canons to follow that goes into the writing or even if you have been writing but could not keep up with the structure then Peel paragraph is the right thing for you which will help you to hone your writing skills.

How Is Peel Paragraph Helpful?

Having a right writing method helps a lot with the structure of paragraph, it can easily make any paragraph more cohesive and execute the arguments, details, premises and concept well. A good writer always paces through directly and never fails to deliver the message which he or she is trying to reach out to the audience with. The key to a well-written project is to always clear one aspect of writing in each paragraph and peel method makes it easy for you. This technique makes your work more comprehensive and reader easily gets the message veiled in the article, blog, essay, novel and script (e. t. c).

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Illustration showing a PEEL paragraph example with text and arrows.

What Does “Peel” Stands For?

Peel paragraphs are used when students are given projects to write in peel format for paragraph or in general it helps with exceling overall quality of the essay or any other academic writing, if you don’t know what does peel in this type of writing stands by then let us tell you:

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Try to commence your topic with a sentence that directly delivers the insight of what you are topic of choice or piece of work is going to be about the (POINT) supports the prime debate of the topic or statements made in paragraph at the start.


Prove your point by the evidence which vindicates the point you have made at the start is valid and reasonable (EVIDENCE) supports the point.


In this stage you go in-depth and lay out all of the reasons for why your evidence support the point (EXPLAINATION) extends the information and make essay or any writing more comprehensive, you must persuade the reader to see your point of view.


This is the last stage of the method, this is where you create a connection back to the argument of main point of the essay or assignment in this stage you basically emphasize the point which you have made earlier in even more great detail or can use (LINK) to transition to the next paragraph or topic.

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Why Is Peel Paragraph Used?

This format of paragraph writing is used under the reason for appropriate structure by implementing this in your paragraph you basically raise a point then, give evidence of the point further more you explain your evidence then link to the conclusion here is peel paragraph structure which will help you understand the term better:
P ( Point ) E ( Evidence ) E ( Explanation ) L ( Link )

PEEL paragraph is interesting right?

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Peel Paragraph Example

Here is written an example of a peel paragraph which demonstrates how you can implement this in writing.

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Topic: “The Impacts Of Social Media


The world we exist in today, technology has become a vital part of everyone’s everyday life I have a firm belief that the world we were born in no longer exists there are several other factors which have come along with the rise of technology along the lines, as we know any news in this era is easily accessible and could be notified from at any part of the world but social media also has its negative impacts on youth like being vulnerable to the dark side of too much involvement with strangers, hijacking of personal accounts, children with social media profiles where social media has been proven beneficial in terms of helping people in desperate need through viral videos it has its downsides too it takes a big toll on peoples and influencers mental stability because of unsolicited opinions from strangers you never know what one individual might be going through in secrecy and everybody has a right to revel life and ways of existence in their own preference which leads us to why today’s world is a lot different than previous decades and gives us the conclusion of why social media has its positive and negative impacts and this topic should be scrutinized more.

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Follow the structure and elaborate each stage specifically make sure to commence the sentence with point follow it with evidence provide explanation to the evidence and then create a link in the final step.

A peel paragraph is used to organize an essay, assignment, dissertation novel or any other writing, this method is used in a heavy manner for academic writings because it helps with increasing readability of the topic.

Peel paragraph is a 4-step process where the last step is basically where you connect paragraphs or highlight the starting points again, transitioning paragraphs increases readability of the essay or any project.

The P in Peel stands for “Point” this is the first step to writing a perfect essay because here you start off the sentence with use of words or line that executes the concept of your rest of the topic for the essay or assignment.

Read the point meticulously and examine what does the point demonstrates about the topic you are writing about, then do your research and collect the data that provides variable evidence to the point.

Yes, peel paragraphs are very versatile and could easily be implemented in many areas of writing such as academic, business, articles, blogs, essays, dissertations, coursework and so much more this method is indeed protean.


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