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Primary Research | Methods, Advantages, Disadvantages, & Steps

Primary Research | Methods, Advantages, Disadvantages, & Steps

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Primary Research

Primary research is a process in which one conducts the process himself/herself. When you have been given an assignment from school, college or university to write about the most initial thing you look for is relevancy or some sort of reliable source from where you can get an insight of what you can bring onto the table.

There are several ways through which you can collect information but if you want to create something never been seen before primary research is one to go with.

What Is Primary Research?

Primary method is the most authentic way of cooking something delicious because primary research definition is the type of research in which a researcher has to go out of his or her comfort zone and rack up all of the information that goes relevantly to the topic.

This format of data and information collection could be real challenging for individuals but really come useful if an individual is looking forward to making his or her career his media science because it really furbishes one-person social communication and strategic skills.

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By now you have guessed how does primary sources helps polishing such great abilities of an individual but in case not then let us make it more evident to you, through primary research a person utilizes practically rational approach to accumulate information through interviews surveys articles and gather the information that isn’t as common or ever been out before.

Ways Through You Can Conduct Primary Research

If you would go out looking for new information and clues you will find yourself experimenting with different types of primary methods each of which will be advantageous for your research and students use all these methods for their search because all of them work phenomenal.

four primary research methods

Primary Research Methods

Following are enlisted primary research methods. Where you can get an idea to fetch primary research from:


To do the best in this task one must be firmed with the research and an ambition to have the most accurate data regarding the topic, in such case interviews are one legit primary method.


Surveys are commonly used by many individuals for collecting the information because survey technically means scrutinizing someone or something very crucially and it is also a well-known fact that if you want to make something or to get to the conclusion of something then examine the objective well.


Since you have done your research already and have all of the information in hands then you should go with the observation in this method write down all of the data and observe all of the circumstances and events.


Analysis is same as observation but when it comes to the primary source fetching. It breaks down into two different types, the analysis for primary research is more organized than observation and it is very helpful when it is required to follow a specified pattern for research.

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Prerequisites For Primary Research

In order for you to stockpile the information in regards of primary searches be sure of to be known of the answers to the following questions that comes along with it like “what is it that authors would want to know about?”, “What is the methodology of the primary research?”, “Which individuals are participating in the research?”, “How can one individual have an access to these individuals who are participating?” and “What could one person expect from the research?” and such type of other relevant questions.

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These questions hold great significance in strengths of primary references and must be answered. Therefore, one individual before doing the primary techniques must be formulated well for the answers to these questions because these questions break the concept of primary research into different pieces and covering small particular area of the search really puts everything very well together.

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Advantages Of Primary Research

There are many benefits of primary references which you get from primary research because in general it really is very assertive to make your topic relevant to the readers such benefits one gets from this are:

  • Having a topic in hands that is tailored to your ambition of what you want to deliver to the audience
  • Helps to put new information out in the world which has never been out before.
  • Gives you an exclusive jurisdiction over the methodology.
  • In case the topic is too complex for you to study then the right way to do the job is studying the topic well which primary sources allows you.
  • It open doors to new insights as you wander you discover different view points.
  • As you dive more and more into the sources and discover new information one the best feature of primary research is its adaptability of emerging with the research.
  • Great Quality is guaranteed because all of the information in primary information will be legit.
  • Key aspect of primary methods is engaging yourself with the participants as friendly as you will be with your participants more comfortable and easy approach to new information it will turn out to be.

Disadvantage Of Primary Research

Just like any other thing has its advantages and disadvantages, primary references also has it cons there are several disadvantages which also one has to deal with tin the process of research:

  • This type of info and data collection does not come cheap because primary research costs individuals because primary search demands great involvement from the researcher which results in making it costly.
  • Nobody has enough time to take out of their life sparely and primary research requires great interest of time which does not come off as easy for just anybody to do so.
  • Just like we have mentioned before that this type of research is driven from participants and interviews and practical approaches most of the times the suspects or the interviewees could come of conflicted and give vague statements.

3 Steps To Primary Research

The Following are the three steps to primary research:

Give Interpretation Of Objectives & Research

Brief description of the questions and intent results in making primary methods. More effective before getting started with the primary research set for yourself the following questions.

  • Which information should be unveiled through this?
  • Which goals should be achieved from this research?

Select The Valid Research Method

Different topics comes with different approaches to the method of techniques. Make sure that you choose a research method that comes in alignment with your primary research.

Set The Target Audience

For primary sources if you want to make it cohesive set the target audience for the task. Make sure to differentiate and identify so that your piece of search could speak to them and make sense to them.


Directly comprehending your customers making atonements for the products tasks or any project along with making smart decisions and getting the chance to know your target audience better is all a part of primary research. Watching their behavior, asking them questions and examining their nature is a part of it because it all results in authentic information.

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Find Solutions of your queries 

What describes primary research?

Primary research allows researcher to hunt data and accumulate details in real time and putting out information that is different from previous researches which have been done before it is best for deep analysis and solutions for rational problems.

What makes good primary research?

A good primary research, aims directly at the targeted audience and succeeds in delivering the ambition behind the research a good primary research resolve problems for all sort of major dilemmas retaining the objectives in alignment to research.

Why is primary research time consuming?

Primary research is completely non-fiction and non of the information could be restated with different verses or concept primary research is conducted through interviews surveys and analysis from reliable sources for which a researcher must take a handsome amount of time out.

How do you develop primary research?
  • Make sure to describe your research.
  • Select a specific design for your research.
  • Conduct the data that goes into the topic.
  • Crucially analyze your collected data and explain.
How to gather primary research?

There are multiple ways to gather your research like:

  • Survey Methodology.
  • Interviews.
  • Data analysis.
  • Research services.
  • Focus groups.
  • Content analysis.
What is the role of primary research in marketing?

Primary research in marketing helps the marketer to understand what they consumers expect from their marketing and the confidentiality for the things they are providing it also helps with setting up a target audience.

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