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Persuasive Essay Topics You Should Know!

Persuasive Essay Topics You Should Know!

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Best Persuasive Essay Topics:

Here you will be provided with topic ideas for a persuasive essay topic with examples for persuasive essay all of the information enlisted below is to help you open up your mind towards creativity of what you can do in your project does not matter which subject for persuasive essay writing you have been asked to write for on this page you are going to get enough topic ideas.

Higher English Persuasive Essay Topics:

You must know that persuasive technically means to agree someone onto something or to have them faith in something through convincing argument or valid reason this word has other synonyms in English like cogent, convincing, influential, plausible, smooth-talking and many more having the same legit meaning as this one but are you very well-known of this fact that this word actually was derived from a Latin word “PERSUADERE” which holds the same meaning in Latin as in English it is very interesting to process when somebody is writing a persuasive essay because in order for an individual to come up with the idea of writing a persuasive essay it requires potential to give structure to opinions, ember a conversation or to make even change. Want a persuasive essay? Try write my essay service!

What Type Of Writing Is Persuasive Essay?

Persuasive writing is on type of writing you will come across at some point in your academic career in fact it is one of the most common forms of essay writing because it inclines to debates and arguments which a person any given day is most likely to encounter with somebody.

In persuasive essay writing you need to select an argumentative essay topic that could write a debate about choose a side and vindicate with reasonable writing your point of view and why you may be right by choosing assertive evidence and convincing language because the entire concept of persuasive essay writing is to convince the reader that your take of stand for a particular side is the right one so the correct way to write a persuasive essay that both you and the reader reading your essay is to choose a topic that comes in alignment with your interest and passion because great amount of research goes into the writing process of persuasive writing which means having an interest in the topic of choice is essential.

Research Topics For A Persuasive Essay:

If you have been given at home project from your school, college or university to write a persuasive essay then from you education institutes teacher or professor you must be given some specific guidelines to adhere your essay writing to like a specific order or pattern to follow but when it comes to topic selection you have freedom to write your project about any topic of your choice. There are so many to argue about and prove your points to be correct in premises of. Want an instant essay? Order now at essay writing service.

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Image showing eight persuasive essay topics recommended by Pro UK Writings

Here Are Few Good Persuasive Essay Writing Topics:

Below are enlisted a couple of few persuasive essay writing topics which you can choose from bifurcated in different categories.

Persuasive Essay Ideas For Zoo:

Animals are such beautiful creatures of God the Birds, The mammals, The Insects, Fishes and so many more they are such joy to see and to pet at homes and the purpose of keeping them locked behind the cage in zoos is understandable because children enjoy visiting them and in general people of all age groups are fascinated by their sights but is it also appropriate to do so?

Here Are Few Topics Regarding Zoo Which You Can Debate About In Your Essay:

  • Should animals be kept at zoo for humans own pleasure?
  • Just because a human is happy seeing an animal at zoo, does that mean they are too?
  • Are all animals taken well care of at zoo?
  • Do animals not feel pain?
  • Do animals also not have a right to live a free life?
  • Should keeping animals caged be an appropriate thing to do?
  • Are all animals treated with care and love at zoo?
  • Are zoos safe place for animals?
  • How were they brought from their tropical habitat to all the way into their cages?
  • Should we support animal cage at zoos?
  • Should zoos remain open or shall be closed?
  • What if they were humans instead of animals?
  • Is it a human thing to physically, emotionally or by any means maim anyone including animals?

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School Persuasive Essay Ideas:

School is such a fun stage of life the biggest crisis that a child could face at this stage is possibly could nothing be more than a homework but yet there are some things that could be debated.

Here Are Few Topics Regarding School Which You Can Debate About In Your Essay:

  • Do students all across the world wear uniforms?
  • Are uniforms necessary?
  • Why is education important?
  • Is it right if teachers are strict with students?
  • Is it okay to hit a student as form of punishment?
  • Should students be given lots of homework?
  • Is it okay to sell cold drinks at school cafeterias?
  • Should students be allowed to cheat in exams?
  • Why are exams necessary?
  • Should universities fee be cheap enough so that anyone could easily attend?
  • For education should there really be money payment for that?
  • Is it okay to exalt the intelligent students and underestimate the average ones?
  • Should there be a grading system by students to their teachers as well?

Social Media Persuasive Essay Ideas:

This is the age of social media where we currently exist in and the gadgets have taken a complete jurisdiction over our life to an extent where we no longer are capable of living a normal life without using our mobile phone and check social media updates.

Here Are Few Topics Regarding Social Media Which You Can Debate About In Your Essay:

  • Is social media safe for children?
  • In general, is social media good?
  • In general, is social media bad?
  • Is it okay to use social media daily?
  • Is it to talk to new people on social media?
  • Should you meet stranger on social media in real life?
  • Can social media friends also become real life friends?
  • Which social media platform is safe to use?
  • Which social media app you should stay away from?
  • Who originated social media?
  • What is social media?
  • How social media has impacted our lives?
  • Is social media age appropriate or not?

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Medical & Health Persuasive Essays:

The utmost priority for any human being should be his or her health regardless of what might get in the way of their well-being one should always take time out for medical emergencies and be always considerate of. Want an essay from any of the topic below? Try nursing essay writing service.

Here Are Few Topics Regarding Medical & Health Which You Can Debate About In Your Essay:

  • Should medical care be free of cost for everyone?
  • Is it okay to exercise on a daily basis for hours?
  • Can you eat junk food daily?
  • Why you should stay away from too much spicy food?
  • Should a person really drink 1.5 liters per day?
  • Should medicines be free of cost?
  • Is it okay to not get monthly checkups?
  • Which field of medical is better orthodontist or MBBS doctor?
  • Why people should support health care more?
  • Are medical treatments too expensive for poor citizens?
  • Is it a good idea to lower down prices a few notches of medical trusts for affordability?
  • Are there better cure to health problems than medicines?
  • Why are there so many new diseases?

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Crime & Law Persuasive Essay Topics:

Crime is the most illicit and heinous act that could humanly be performed by any means and regardless of region and countries it is the forbidden act that humans should condemned themselves from.

Here Are Few Topics Regarding Crime & Law Which You Can Debate About In Your Essay:

  • What can we do to prevent crime?
  • Should a murderer be condemned to a life sentence or fatality?
  • Do children commit more crime or adults?
  • How can we make areas safer?
  • Is cyber bullying a crime?
  • What is the punishment for selling drugs in Hong Kong?
  • How many innocents get imprisoned for misapprehension and false accuses?
  • Is it a crime to bully someone?
  • What are the cyber precautions for possible cyber bullies?
  • Are guns legal for children?
  • How can someone compensate for their crimes to avoid life time imprisonment or death sentence?
  • What is the punishment for taking drugs?
  • Is it also a crime to curse?

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Multifarious Persuasive Essay topics:

There is so much more to persuasive writing and so many debatable topics you can write about other than the topics divided in different categories about here are some other miscellaneous topics listed down below.

Here Are Few Multifarious Topics Which You Can Debate About In Your Essay:

  • Which makes a better pet for home cats or dogs?
  • Is it safe to go to mountains for hiking?
  • Should you have breakfast in the morning or not?
  • How can a person break habit of addiction?
  • Which decade was the best one live teenage phase in?
  • Are children these days missing out on their childhood because of early access to technology?
  • What do you think about the lifestyle of today’s generation?
  • What is the ratio of plastic surgery today than before?
  • Why is it a right for everybody to vote?
  • Do children get enrolled into school too early?
  • Could it be possible for students to bring their pets to school?
  • Do aliens exist?
  • Why is lion the king of jungle?

These are some really great topics you can write your persuasive essay on but other than these if you want to step further and be creative with your writing then you can create a topic yourself that is debatable and rational. Convinced with any of the topic? Try essay writing help.

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For any type of service and Blog information Pro UK Writings have always exceeded all expectations now that you know all about Persuasive Essay Topics, also make sure to also read Emotive Language.


Find Solutions of your queries 

There is no limitation when it comes to persuasive essay writing it can be as long or as short as you prefer it to be but a typical length of persuasive essay is usually between 2-3 paragraphs extensive.

Make sure to write persuasive essay with valid debatable topic of choice and provide evidence of you being right by stating facts, appropriate examples and quotations also try to derive your examples from practical incidents.

It is always a better choice to end your persuasive writing by restating all of the facts at the end of the topic and give brief description of why these statements were important and why you had taken your stand for a particular side.

Persuasive writing is about trying to lead others to see your side of the story from your perspective and believing the accuracy of your stated facts.

Here is one example of persuasive writing:

  • Who makes a better pet cat or dog?
  • I think cats make better pets than dogs because they occupy less space and are more home friendly.

Persuasive is an English word driven from a Latin word “Persuadere” which holds the same meaning in both of the languages as leading someone onto something by right use of will.

There are plenty of words that hold the same meanings this concept is known as synonyms here are a couple of few synonyms for persuasive:

  • Effective
  • Cogent
  • Convincing
  • Assuasive
  • Efficacious
  • Effectual
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