Frequently asked questions

What makes personal statement and statement of purpose different from each other?

A statement of purpose is written in a more formal manner: it includes a person’s academic and professional goals and focuses on them exclusively; it must not hint at something that is irrelevant to the application.

In a personal statement an individual can be creative because it gives a free hand to even tell a story that is not relevant to the application but that story must execute your ambitions, goals, who you want to be like, dreams, achievements and your liking and dislikes.

Just as much different they may sound, both of them serve the same purpose as another one, in general they both give the demonstration of your potential as a graduate student to convince the program holders why you are a good match for the program.

If you want to craft compelling statements you can benefit yourself the most from looking at and understanding the importance of essay planning. Addition to essay planning the emotive language comes very handy when it comes to tailoring well written projects.

You can incorporate reflective models in your insights. Furthermore , you can structure the narrative coherently by properly implementing sentence starters in the project. And moreover refine your drafts through editing and proofreading services. That help to improve the overall quality of your end product.


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