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How Many References For a 2000 And 3000 Word Essay?

Crafting the perfect piece of academic writing is very crucial. A 2000-word essay should be written with great knowledge about any topic. But then the question most of the time for such extensive word count comes to mind. ‘How many references for a 2000-word essay is enough?’ Speaking of which it depends solely on guidelines given by the university of each scholar.
Most of the time students are asked to write a 3000 words essay. Which in addition to the problem gets inquisitive into making a student think. ‘How many references for a 3000-word essay?’ Well, doing thorough research is important and the more the merrier in this scenario.

For a Two thousand words essay. It is recommended to have at least 10-20 quality references but there are no limitations when it comes to having reliable sources to derive inspiration from.
A 2000 words essay may not seem like an easy task to deal with and on top a 3000 words essay may also not seem like an appropriate word count of essay for students but most universities even give a word count of 5000 words for an essay.
This may seem like an inappropriate word length for an essay, but the more in-depth the project the better your chances of fetching an A or A+ in your academics.

Not deriving the conversation from the centric debate of the topic but having 10 to 20 or even more reliable sources for 2000-3000 words essays can help you to craft an incredible piece of project. But make sure that the references you are using are relevant to your topic.

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